The focus of our work is to promote education through offering scholarships to children from vulnerable families in Turalei – South Sudan, who are not able to send their children to the local schools.

Child welfare

We advocate on behalf of children through our community outreach programs and educate the wider community about the disadvantages of early child marriages and child labour.

We inspire all the children in our programs to work hard, dream big and grow into responsible adults who in return will give back to the society.

We do this in support of the Sustainable Development Goal number (4) Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.


In executing our support we have clear goals and passionate people

Our Mission

To overcome deep disadvantage as a result of civil war by supporting children to gain equal access to education so they can create a better future for South Sudan.

Our Vision

To create more scholarship opportunities for children and engage other stakeholders in order to develop a sustainable education system across South Sudan.

Our Team

We have two dedicated teams, the Australian based team and the South Sudan based team led by the Program Manager who is supported by the Community Advisory Group and volunteers.