Sponsor Nyajuma to pay her surgical bills.

Bringing real change to a young life

Meet 9-year-old Nyajuma Deng Adiang Acuil, who was born with a condition called rectovaginal fistula (an abnormal connection between the lower portion of the large intestine, rectum and vagina). This condition cannot be treated in South Sudan and so Nyajuma has to travel to Kenya for surgery. She has had to live with this unfortunate condition because her parents are unable to afford medical treatment.

Nyajuma’s father Mr Deng Adiang contacted UVM Foundation for help out of concern for his daughter. She is growing up and realising that she is different, he says. The family and siblings are concerned for her and are appealing for help.

We intend to raise funds for Nyajuma’s treatment, which will involve her travel from her village Ayien Amiol to Juba, where she will stay as she awaits her passport process. After this, Nyajuma will then travel to Kenya for surgery. She will be accompanied by her elder brother Chol Deng Adiang Acuil.

We hope that the surgery will give Nyajuma a chance to a normal life. The UVM Foundation has Nyajuma as one of the scholars for Primary Education.